About Our Investigations

Ghost C.O.P.S.Hauntings

“Doors will shut by themselves, cold spots appear, chandeliers rock, footsteps are heard.” These are just a few of the things people say to us when they are describing what they say is a haunting.

When someone believes a spirit, ghost, demon or other entity is inhabiting an environment, that location is traditionally considered to be “haunted.” The very mention of the word conjures images of fright and unease perpetuated by Hollywood movies, television, and tales told around the flickering warmth of the campfire.


In reality 99 percent of these occurrences could be explained by the people that experience them with the right tools, techniques, and knowledge of their surroundings and atmosphere.

We offer that scientific option. We do complete investigations of the subject history, do interviews with those affected, implore scientific method, and even use some methods made popular by self proclaimed “ghost hunters” to prove or disprove all methods.


Piece of mind. This can be a reassuring thing to homeowners who are looking for answers to those knocking sounds from the attic, or parents who are needing answers to help their children sleep more soundly.

We use a myriad of equipment and sensors measuring the conditions during the investigation and attempt to replicate the conditions (to the best of our ability) that the events occurred. Also, psychological make-up is considered, medication, other influences, and basic human behavior such as Rorschach’s demonstration of our tendency to see patterns where none exist, and determining how one perceives their environment.

What then?

All evidence in analyzed and the results are presented at a later date. Anything not explained is presented to other experts for their opinions, and if still undetermined will be offered to the public as an unknown anomaly.

If you think we can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.